October 2013 Meeting Materials

Questions and Answers Summary (pdf)

October 2013 Agenda

MassHealth Updates (pdf) – MassHealth Updates will include information on the latest operational, program and publication updates.

ACA Learning Series (pdf) – Hear more details about the ACA implementation, updates to the subsidized insurance coverage options, member transition updates and much more.

Virtual Gateway Health Application Transition (pdf) – Information on transitioning from the Virtual Gateway Common Intake Health application to the new Health Insurance Exchange (HIX), as part of the ACA implementation.

HIX Resources HIX Implementation (pdf) – Hear more details on the resources available for the new Health Insurance Exchange (HIX) for the Commonwealth. This presentation will include an overview of the HIX documentation available to assist users on applying and enrolling. Updated non-group medical insurance will be provided on what to expect on October 1st – as well as over the next few months.

Health Insurance Exchange (HIX) System Overview Afternoon Presentation (pdf)