July 2017 Meeting Materials

MassHealth Updates (pdf) – MassHealth updates will include information on the latest operational and program updates.

Health Safety Net (pdf) – Health Safety Net (HSN) will provide updates on claim denial fatal warnings, plans to close FY15 and claim submission timelines, updates to covered and non-covered code lists, a preview of CHC rule changes and updates regarding transitioning from interim to DentaQuest claims.

MassHealth Provider Services Updates (pdf) – MassHealth Provider Services will provide the latest news and updates released from the MassHealth Program relevant to the provider community.

MA Health Care Learning Series (pdf) – The MA Health Care Learning Series will provide a preview of the Health Connector’s Redeterminations and Renewals process. And, hear more details about the MassHealth ACO implementation, system updates related to MAHealthconnector.org and more.

SHINE (pdf) – Equitable Relief is a process that allows people who were enrolled in a Health Connector plan and Medicare to request Social Security to enroll them in Medicare B immediately or retroactively, or to eliminate the penalty they incurred as a result of enrolling late in Medicare B. The deadline for this program is September 30.


Health Connector – Need health or dental insurance? (pdf)

Health Connector – Report changes (English (pdf)Spanish (pdf))

Health Connector – Free help with tax preparation (pdf)

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